Fabrizia Iranzo Imperatori


Swiss singer and novelist, born May 13th, 1965 in Locarno. She lives in Buenos Aires from 1996 until 2004.

She has published two novels “Helado de limón”, “La memoria del destino”, two tales books “Casa de reposo”, “Anteojos”, and a book of stories with music and pictures “Solo a tres voces”.

Besides she has collaborated in the publishing of an antology of gothic tales “Cuentos de oscuras memorias”, together with four young Argentinean narrators.

Fabrizia writes her texts in Italian and she translate them herself into Spanish (with an accent from Buenos Aires).

From Fabrizia’s love for Buenos Aires, it arouse her vocation to sing tangos.

She performs regularly, from the year 2001, accompanied by bandoneon player Antonio Pisano, who made duo with Luís Cardei, at different places of this city: Kronopios, La Maga de Flores, La esquina de Osvaldo Pugliese, Café Teatro Club del Vino. She also met Susana Rinaldi who listed to her and support his beginning in the tango world.

In February 2004, Fabrizia meets Eva Wolff, a bandoneon player from Belgium who lives in Buenos Aires and they decide to rehearse together in order to present the show Desde Lejos (From Far Away) to Europe.

In June 2004, Fabrizia goes back to her country of birth with her husband and her two Argentinean children, but she regularly returns to Buenos Aires to sing tango.

In November 2005 and March 2006 present the show Desde Lejos at the Club del Vino which close the doors at December 2006.

From 2004 until 2006 Fabrizia wok with an accordionist Danilo Boggini at differents place in the italian part of Switzerland and she was invited at the Radio della Svizzera Italian in Lugano.

In February 2007 Fabrizia and Eva present for the first time in Europe the show Desde Lejos, at the Chat Noir in Carouge (CH).

In may 2008 Fabrizia start to work with the swiss bandoneon player Peter Gneist.