The show : listen to the tango


When I go out to sweep the
street, the cop comes up to
me and he says,

Hey, Pipistrelle...Hey, Pipistrelle...
(Tango Pipistrela, Fernando Ochoa & Francisco Canaro)


The tango is more than a sensual dance or a melancholic lamentation; it is a culture, a way of life and a form of understanding of the male-female relationship, to the sound of a bandoneón. Fabrizia and Peter offer an approach which will bring to the European public an opportunity to get to know it and experience it profoundly.

In their performance we appreciate the very essence of the tango: the repertoire stretches from highly traditional themes to contemporary tango. The pieces they have chosen include some humorous texts from the 20s and 30s, satiric in tone and composed in a lunfardo (slang) spoken in the slums of Buenos Aires and explained by Fabrizia, before each song.

Peter's performances and arrangements are anchored in the roots of the tango, searching for distinct tones and bringing out differences in rhythms, harmonies and styles, depending on the period to which each theme belongs.

International tours in Europe and South America bear testimony to the success of these two young musicians who perform their duets with a remarkable sense of complicity. Come to listen to them: we can guarantee that you will fall under their charm!

Mercedes Falcón, Buenos Aires, noviembre 2010.