Desde Lejos

A well-matched couple, the voice and the bandonéon


Malena sings the tango with a dark voice, Malena holds his
suffering of the bandoneon
(Tango Malena, Homero Manzi & Lucio Demare)


From the beginning of the tango-song, there is a feminine presence: she married the tango and gave it her soul and her voice. She occupies this sensitive space of expression to sing and express the feelings of the population-porteños and porteñas-of the harbour of Buenos Aires, which was made up mainly of immigrants.

What better voice than that of a woman, full of grace and charm, to tell her/its stories: her/its nostalgia and desires, her/its hopes and fears, her/its tears and laughter?

What better husband for this voice than a bandoneón, with its deep and rhythmic breath, an instrument of immigrant origin and landed in Argentina to become integrated into the tango?.

Fabrizia Iranzo Imperatori and Peter Gneist, two Swiss artists, launch themselves into the tango and bring to it a new freshness: she sings, and he plays the bandoneón. They create a musical dialogue which reveals to the audience their love of the city of Buenos Aires and its inhabitants. The Argentine public has fallen under their charm: they know how to arouse its feelings, they know how to go straight to its heart. Faithful to the tango, Fabrizia and Peter have acquired, through their talent, a place in this distant world which they have chosen, where they have settled down and where they will stay for a long time.